Add per arch mrr daily test for denverton platform
[csit.git] / resources / libraries / bash / function / mrr-daily-dnv.txt
1 mrrAND64bANDip4baseNOTdot1q
2 mrrAND78bANDip6baseNOTdot1q
3 mrrAND64bANDl2bdbaseNOTdot1q
4 mrrAND64bANDl2xcbaseNOTdot1q
5 mrrAND64bANDl2patch
6 mrrAND64bANDvxlanNOTdot1qNOTscale
7 mrrAND64bANDipsechwNOTlispgpeNOTscale
8 mrrAND1518bANDipsechwNOTlispgpeNOTscale

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