rls18.01.1 report: updated make test unittest content. 60/10460/2
authorMaciek Konstantynowicz <mkonstan@cisco.com>
Thu, 8 Feb 2018 14:02:47 +0000 (14:02 +0000)
committerTibor Frank <tifrank@cisco.com>
Thu, 8 Feb 2018 14:28:36 +0000 (14:28 +0000)
Change-Id: Ic57148795df2459010f908b196acfc8de7c7b50f
Signed-off-by: Maciek Konstantynowicz <mkonstan@cisco.com>

index f20bb98..3e1fd5a 100644 (file)
-CRUD Loopback\r
+ACL Security Groups\r
-    CRUD Loopback\r
+    ACL plugin Test Case\r
-    test_crud (test_interface_crud.TestLoopbackInterfaceCRUD)                OK\r
-    test_down (test_interface_crud.TestLoopbackInterfaceCRUD)                OK\r
+    ACL plugin version check; learn MACs                                     OK\r
+    ACL create/delete test                                                   OK\r
+    permit ACL apply test                                                    OK\r
+    deny ACL apply test                                                      OK\r
+    VPP_624 permit ICMPv4                                                    OK\r
+    VPP_624 permit ICMPv6                                                    OK\r
+    VPP_624 deny ICMPv4                                                      OK\r
+    VPP_624 deny ICMPv6                                                      OK\r
+    permit TCPv4                                                             OK\r
+    permit TCPv6                                                             OK\r
+    permit UDPv4                                                             OK\r
+    permit UDPv6                                                             OK\r
+    deny TCPv4/v6                                                            OK\r
+    deny UDPv4/v6                                                            OK\r
+    verify add/dump acls                                                     OK\r
+    permit single TCPv4                                                      OK\r
+    permit single UDPv4                                                      OK\r
+    permit single TCPv6                                                      OK\r
+    permit single UPPv6                                                      OK\r
+    deny single TCPv4/v6                                                     OK\r
+    deny single UDPv4/v6                                                     OK\r
+    deny single UDPv4/v6, permit ip any, verify non-initial fragment blocked OK\r
+    VPP-687 zero length udp ipv4 packet                                      OK\r
+    VPP-687 zero length udp ipv6 packet                                      OK\r
+    permit TCPv4 + non-match range                                           OK\r
+    permit TCPv6 + non-match range                                           OK\r
+    permit UDPv4 + non-match range                                           OK\r
+    permit UDPv6 + non-match range                                           OK\r
+    deny TCPv4/v6 + non-match range                                          OK\r
+    deny UDPv4/v6 + non-match range                                          OK\r
-Flowprobe feature\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IRB Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    ACL plugin prepare                                                       OK\r
+    ACL IPv6 routed -> bridged, L2 ACL deny                                  OK\r
+    ACL IPv6 routed -> bridged, L3 ACL deny                                  OK\r
+    ACL IPv4 routed -> bridged, L2 ACL deny                                  OK\r
+    ACL IPv4 routed -> bridged, L3 ACL deny                                  OK\r
+    ACL IPv6 bridged -> routed, L2 ACL deny                                  OK\r
+    ACL IPv6 bridged -> routed, L3 ACL deny                                  OK\r
+    ACL IPv4 bridged -> routed, L2 ACL deny                                  OK\r
+    ACL IPv4 bridged -> routed, L3 ACL deny                                  OK\r
+    ACL IPv6 routed -> bridged, L2 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
+    ACL IPv6 bridged -> routed, L2 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
+    ACL IPv4 routed -> bridged, L2 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
+    ACL IPv4 bridged -> routed, L2 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
+    ACL IPv6 routed -> bridged, L3 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
+    ACL IPv6 bridged -> routed, L3 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
+    ACL IPv4 routed -> bridged, L3 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
+    ACL IPv4 bridged -> routed, L3 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
+    ACL IPv6+EH routed -> bridged, L2 ACL deny                               OK\r
+    ACL IPv6+EH routed -> bridged, L3 ACL deny                               OK\r
+    ACL IPv6+EH bridged -> routed, L2 ACL deny                               OK\r
+    ACL IPv6+EH bridged -> routed, L3 ACL deny                               OK\r
+    ACL IPv6+EH routed -> bridged, L2 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
+    ACL IPv6+EH bridged -> routed, L2 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
+    ACL IPv6+EH routed -> bridged, L3 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
+    ACL IPv6+EH bridged -> routed, L3 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
+    ACL IPv4+MF routed -> bridged, L2 ACL deny                               OK\r
+    ACL IPv4+MF routed -> bridged, L3 ACL deny                               OK\r
+    ACL IPv4+MF bridged -> routed, L2 ACL deny                               OK\r
+    ACL IPv4+MF bridged -> routed, L3 ACL deny                               OK\r
+    ACL IPv4+MF routed -> bridged, L2 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
+    ACL IPv4+MF bridged -> routed, L2 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
+    ACL IPv4+MF routed -> bridged, L3 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
+    ACL IPv4+MF bridged -> routed, L3 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
-    Re-enable Flowprobe feature\r
+    ACL plugin connection-oriented extended testcases\r
-    disable flowprobe feature after first packets and re-enable              SKIP\r
+    Prepare the settings                                                     SKIP\r
+    IPv4: Basic conn timeout test reflect on ingress                         SKIP\r
+    IPv4: Basic conn timeout test reflect on egress                          SKIP\r
+    IPv4: reflect egress, clear conn                                         SKIP\r
+    IPv4: reflect ingress, clear conn                                        SKIP\r
+    IPv4: Idle conn behind active conn, reflect on ingress                   SKIP\r
+    IPv4: Idle conn behind active conn, reflect on egress                    SKIP\r
+    IPv6: Basic conn timeout test reflect on ingress                         SKIP\r
+    IPv6: Basic conn timeout test reflect on egress                          SKIP\r
+    IPv6: reflect egress, clear conn                                         SKIP\r
+    IPv6: reflect ingress, clear conn                                        SKIP\r
+    IPv6: Idle conn behind active conn, reflect on ingress                   SKIP\r
+    IPv6: Idle conn behind active conn, reflect on egress                    SKIP\r
+    Prepare for TCP session tests                                            SKIP\r
+    IPv4: transient TCP session (incomplete 3WHS), ref. on ingress           SKIP\r
+    IPv4: transient TCP session (incomplete 3WHS), ref. on egress            SKIP\r
+    IPv4: established TCP session (complete 3WHS), ref. on ingress           SKIP\r
+    IPv4: established TCP session (complete 3WHS), ref. on egress            SKIP\r
+    IPv4: transient TCP session (3WHS,ACK,FINACK), ref. on ingress           SKIP\r
+    IPv4: transient TCP session (3WHS,ACK,FINACK), ref. on egress            SKIP\r
+    IPv6: transient TCP session (incomplete 3WHS), ref. on ingress           SKIP\r
+    IPv6: transient TCP session (incomplete 3WHS), ref. on egress            SKIP\r
+    IPv6: established TCP session (complete 3WHS), ref. on ingress           SKIP\r
+    IPv6: established TCP session (complete 3WHS), ref. on egress            SKIP\r
+    IPv6: transient TCP session (3WHS,ACK,FINACK), ref. on ingress           SKIP\r
+    IPv6: transient TCP session (3WHS,ACK,FINACK), ref. on egress            SKIP\r
-    collect information on Ethernet, IP4 and IP6 datapath (no timers)\r
+    ACL on dot1q bridged subinterfaces Tests\r
-    no timers, one CFLOW packet, 9 Flows inside                              OK\r
-    no timers, two CFLOW packets (mtu=256), 3 Flows in each                  OK\r
-    L2 data on IP4 datapath                                                  OK\r
-    L2 data on IP6 datapath                                                  OK\r
-    L2 data on L2 datapath                                                   OK\r
-    L3 data on IP4 datapath                                                  OK\r
-    L3 data on IP6 datapath                                                  OK\r
-    L3 data on L2 datapath                                                   OK\r
-    L4 data on IP4 datapath                                                  OK\r
-    L4 data on IP6 datapath                                                  OK\r
-    L4 data on L2 datapath                                                   OK\r
-    verify templates on IP6 datapath                                         OK\r
-    verify templates on IP4 datapath                                         OK\r
-    verify template on L2 datapath                                           OK\r
+    IP4 ACL SubIf Dot1Q bridged traffic                                      OK\r
+    IP6 ACL SubIf Dot1Q bridged traffic                                      OK\r
-    Disable Flowprobe feature\r
+    ACL on dot1ad bridged subinterfaces Tests\r
-    disable flowprobe feature after first packets                            SKIP\r
+    IP4 ACL SubIf Dot1AD bridged traffic                                     OK\r
+    IP6 ACL SubIf Dot1AD bridged traffic                                     OK\r
-    Re-enable IPFIX\r
+    ACL on dot1ad routed subinterfaces Tests\r
-    disable IPFIX after first packets and re-enable after few packets        SKIP\r
+    IP4 ACL SubIf Dot1AD routed traffic                                      OK\r
+    IP4 ACL SubIf wrong tags Dot1AD routed traffic                           OK\r
+    IP6 ACL SubIf Dot1AD routed traffic                                      OK\r
+    IP6 ACL SubIf wrong tags Dot1AD routed traffic                           OK\r
-    Disable IPFIX\r
+    ACL on dot1q routed subinterfaces Tests\r
-    disable IPFIX after first packets                                        SKIP\r
+    IP4 ACL SubIf Dot1Q routed traffic                                       OK\r
+    IP4 ACL SubIf wrong tags Dot1Q routed traffic                            OK\r
+    IP6 ACL SubIf Dot1Q routed traffic                                       OK\r
+    IP6 ACL SubIf wrong tags Dot1Q routed traffic                            OK\r
-    DHCP Test Case\r
+    VAPI test\r
-    DHCPv6 Proxy                                                             OK\r
-    DHCP Client                                                              OK\r
-    DHCPv4 Proxy                                                             OK\r
+    run C VAPI tests                                                         SKIP\r
+    run C++ VAPI tests                                                       SKIP\r
-IPv4 VRF Multi-instance\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    VPP Object Model Test\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    run C++ VOM tests                                                        SKIP\r
-    IP4 VRF  Multi-instance Test Case\r
+    PAPI Test Case\r
-    IP4 VRF  Multi-instance test 1 - create 5 BDs                            OK\r
-    IP4 VRF  Multi-instance test 2 - delete 2 VRFs                           OK\r
-    IP4 VRF  Multi-instance 3 - add 2 VRFs                                   OK\r
-    IP4 VRF  Multi-instance test 4 - delete 4 VRFs                           OK\r
+    show version                                                             OK\r
+    show version - invalid parameters                                        OK\r
+    u8 array                                                                 OK\r
-Load Balancer\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    PAPI Message parsing Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    New compound type with array                                             OK\r
+    Add new types                                                            OK\r
+    Add new types 2                                                          OK\r
+    Add new message object                                                   OK\r
+    New message with array                                                   OK\r
+    Argument name                                                            OK\r
+    VLA with aribtrary length field placement                                OK\r
+    Message to byte encoding                                                 OK\r
+    Nested array type                                                        OK\r
+    Old style VLA array                                                      OK\r
+    Old VLA compound type                                                    OK\r
+    Old VLA array arbitrary placement                                        OK\r
+    Old VLA u32                                                              OK\r
+    Simple array                                                             OK\r
-    Load Balancer Test Case\r
+    JVPP Core Test Case\r
-    Load Balancer IP4 GRE4                                                   OK\r
-    Load Balancer IP4 GRE6                                                   OK\r
-    Load Balancer IP6 GRE4                                                   OK\r
-    Load Balancer IP6 GRE6                                                   OK\r
+    JVPP Acl Callback Api Test Case                                          OK\r
+    JVPP Acl Future Api Test Case                                            OK\r
+    JVPP Core Callback Api Test Case                                         OK\r
+    JVPP Core Future Api Test Case                                           OK\r
+    JVPP Ioamexport Callback Api Test Case                                   OK\r
+    JVPP Ioamexport Future Api Test Case                                     OK\r
+    JVPP Ioampot Callback Api Test Case                                      OK\r
+    JVPP Ioampot Future Api Test Case                                        OK\r
+    JVPP Ioamtrace Callback Api Test Case                                    OK\r
+    JVPP Ioamtrace Future Api Test Case                                      OK\r
+    JVPP Snat Callback Api Test Case                                         OK\r
+    JVPP Snat Future Api Test Case                                           OK\r
-FIB Tests\r
-    FIB Test Case\r
+    ARP Test Case\r
-    FIB Unit Tests                                                           OK\r
+    ARP                                                                      OK\r
+    ARP Duplicates                                                           OK\r
+    ARP Static                                                               OK\r
+    ARP reply with VRRP virtual src hw addr                                  OK\r
+    MPLS                                                                     OK\r
+    Proxy ARP                                                                OK\r
+    Interface Mirror Proxy ARP                                               OK\r
-BFD IPv6\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    L2BD arp termination Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    L2BD arp term - add 5 hosts, verify arp responses                        OK\r
+    L2BD arp term - delete 3 hosts, verify arp responses                     OK\r
+    L2BD arp term - recreate BD1, readd 3 hosts, verify arp responses        OK\r
+    L2BD arp term - 2 IP4 addrs per host                                     OK\r
+    L2BD arp term - create and update 10 IP4-mac pairs                       OK\r
+    L2BD arp/ND term - hosts with both ip4/ip6                               OK\r
+    L2BD ND term - Add and Del hosts, verify ND replies                      OK\r
+    L2BD ND term - Add and update IP+mac, verify ND replies                  OK\r
+    L2BD arp term - send garps, verify arp event reports                     OK\r
+    L2BD arp term - send duplicate garps, verify suppression                 OK\r
+    L2BD arp term - disable ip4 arp events,send garps, verify no events      OK\r
+    L2BD ND term - send NS packets verify reports                            OK\r
+    L2BD ND term - send duplicate ns, verify suppression                     OK\r
+    L2BD ND term - disable ip4 arp events,send ns, verify no events          OK\r
-    Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) (IPv6)\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    echo function used                                                       SKIP\r
-    echo packets looped back                                                 SKIP\r
-    hold BFD session up                                                      SKIP\r
-    interface with bfd session deleted                                       SKIP\r
-    bring BFD session up                                                     SKIP\r
-    bring BFD session up - first frame looked up by address pair             SKIP\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    BFD-FIB interactions (IPv6)\r
+    Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) - API\r
-    BFD-FIB interactions                                                     SKIP\r
+    activate SHA1 authentication                                             SKIP\r
+    create BFD session using non-existent SHA1 (negative case)               SKIP\r
+    create a BFD session                                                     SKIP\r
+    create IPv6 BFD session                                                  SKIP\r
+    create a BFD session (SHA1)                                              SKIP\r
+    add SHA1 keys                                                            SKIP\r
+    change SHA1 key                                                          SKIP\r
+    deactivate SHA1 authentication                                           SKIP\r
+    create the same BFD session twice (negative case)                        SKIP\r
+    create the same BFD session twice (negative case) (SHA1)                 SKIP\r
+    modify BFD session parameters                                            SKIP\r
+    share single SHA1 key between multiple BFD sessions                      SKIP\r
-BFD authentication\r
+BFD Authentication\r
@@ -124,6 +256,20 @@ BFD authentication
     session is not kept alive by msgs with bad sequence numbers              SKIP\r
     bring BFD session up                                                     SKIP\r
+BFD Authentication Change\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) (changing auth)\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    change auth key without disturbing session state (delayed)               SKIP\r
+    change auth key without disturbing session state (immediate)             SKIP\r
+    turn auth off without disturbing session state (delayed)                 SKIP\r
+    turn auth off without disturbing session state (immediate)               SKIP\r
+    turn auth on without disturbing session state (delayed)                  SKIP\r
+    turn auth on without disturbing session state (immediate)                SKIP\r
@@ -143,47 +289,12 @@ BFD CLI
     set/del udp echo source                                                  SKIP\r
     show commands                                                            SKIP\r
+BFD IPv4\r
-    Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) - API\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    activate SHA1 authentication                                             SKIP\r
-    create BFD session using non-existent SHA1 (negative case)               SKIP\r
-    create a BFD session                                                     SKIP\r
-    create IPv6 BFD session                                                  SKIP\r
-    create a BFD session (SHA1)                                              SKIP\r
-    add SHA1 keys                                                            SKIP\r
-    change SHA1 key                                                          SKIP\r
-    deactivate SHA1 authentication                                           SKIP\r
-    create the same BFD session twice (negative case)                        SKIP\r
-    create the same BFD session twice (negative case) (SHA1)                 SKIP\r
-    modify BFD session parameters                                            SKIP\r
-    share single SHA1 key between multiple BFD sessions                      SKIP\r
-BFD authentication change\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) (changing auth)\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    change auth key without disturbing session state (delayed)               SKIP\r
-    change auth key without disturbing session state (immediate)             SKIP\r
-    turn auth off without disturbing session state (delayed)                 SKIP\r
-    turn auth off without disturbing session state (immediate)               SKIP\r
-    turn auth on without disturbing session state (delayed)                  SKIP\r
-    turn auth on without disturbing session state (immediate)                SKIP\r
-BFD IPv4\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)\r
+    Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)\r
     put session admin-up and admin-down                                      SKIP\r
     configuration change while peer in demand mode                           SKIP\r
@@ -195,6 +306,7 @@ BFD IPv4
     echo function stops if peer sets required min echo rx zero               SKIP\r
     hold BFD session up                                                      SKIP\r
     immediately honor remote required min rx reduction                       SKIP\r
+    interface with bfd session deleted                                       SKIP\r
     echo packets with invalid checksum don't keep a session up               SKIP\r
     large remote required min rx interval                                    SKIP\r
     modify detect multiplier                                                 SKIP\r
@@ -210,207 +322,237 @@ BFD IPv4
     stale echo packets don't keep a session up                               SKIP\r
     no packets when zero remote required min rx interval                     SKIP\r
-IPv6 Tests\r
+BFD IPv6\r
-    IPv6 Test Case\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    IPv6 FIB test                                                            OK\r
-    IPv6 Neighbour Solicitation Exceptions                                   OK\r
-    ND Duplicates                                                            OK\r
-    IPv6 Router Solicitation Exceptions                                      OK\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    IPv6 disabled\r
+    Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) (IPv6)\r
-    IP Disabled                                                              OK\r
+    echo function used                                                       SKIP\r
+    echo packets looped back                                                 SKIP\r
+    hold BFD session up                                                      SKIP\r
+    interface with bfd session deleted                                       SKIP\r
+    bring BFD session up                                                     SKIP\r
+    bring BFD session up - first frame looked up by address pair             SKIP\r
-    IPv6 ND ProxyTest Case\r
+    BFD-FIB interactions (IPv6)\r
-    IPv6 Proxy ND                                                            OK\r
+    BFD-FIB interactions                                                     SKIP\r
+BIER - Bit Indexed Explicit Replication\r
-    IPv6 Load-Balancing\r
+    BIER Test Case\r
-    IPv6 Load-Balancing                                                      OK\r
+    BIER end-to-end                                                          OK\r
+    BIER head                                                                OK\r
+    BIER head over UDP                                                       OK\r
+    BIER midpoint                                                            OK\r
+    BIER Tail                                                                OK\r
+    BIER Tail over UDP                                                       OK\r
-    IPv6 routes via NULL\r
+    BIER FIB Test Case\r
-    IP NULL route                                                            OK\r
+    BFIB Unit Tests                                                          OK\r
-SPAN Tests\r
-    SPAN Test Case\r
+    Classifier Test Case\r
-    SPAN device rx mirror test                                               OK\r
-    SPAN l2 tx mirror test                                                   OK\r
-    SPAN l2 rx mirror test                                                   OK\r
-    SPAN l2 rx mirror into gre-subif+vtr                                     OK\r
-    SPAN l2 rx mirror into subif+vtr                                         OK\r
-    SPAN l2 rx mirror into vxlan test                                        OK\r
+    IP ACL test                                                              OK\r
+    MAC ACL test                                                             OK\r
+    IP PBR test                                                              OK\r
-GRE Tests\r
+Container Integration\r
-    GRE Test Case\r
+    Container integration extended testcases\r
-    GRE IPv4 tunnel Tests                                                    OK\r
-    GRE IPv6 tunnel Tests                                                    OK\r
-    GRE tunnel L2 Tests                                                      OK\r
-    GRE tunnel VRF Tests                                                     OK\r
+    IPv4 basic connectivity test                                             SKIP\r
+    IPv6 basic connectivity test                                             SKIP\r
+    Create loopbacks overlapping with remote addresses                       SKIP\r
+    IPv4 local-spoof connectivity test                                       SKIP\r
+    IPv6 local-spoof connectivity test                                       SKIP\r
+    Configure container commands                                             SKIP\r
+    IPv4 test after configuring container                                    SKIP\r
+    IPv6 test after configuring container                                    SKIP\r
+    Unconfigure container commands                                           SKIP\r
+    IPv4 local-spoof after unconfig test                                     SKIP\r
+    IPv6 local-spoof after unconfig test                                     SKIP\r
-L2BD Multi-instance\r
+CRUD Loopback\r
-    L2BD Multi-instance Test Case\r
+    CRUD Loopback\r
-    L2BD Multi-instance test 1 - create 5 BDs                                SKIP\r
-    L2BD Multi-instance test 2 - update data of 5 BDs                        SKIP\r
-    L2BD Multi-instance 3 - delete 2 BDs                                     SKIP\r
-    L2BD Multi-instance test 4 - add 2 BDs                                   SKIP\r
-    L2BD Multi-instance 5 - delete 5 BDs                                     SKIP\r
+    test_crud (test_interface_crud.TestLoopbackInterfaceCRUD)                OK\r
+    test_down (test_interface_crud.TestLoopbackInterfaceCRUD)                OK\r
-MAP Tests\r
-    MAP Test Case\r
+    DHCP Test Case\r
-    MAP-E                                                                    OK\r
+    DHCPv6 Proxy                                                             OK\r
+    DHCP Client                                                              OK\r
+    DHCPv4 Proxy                                                             OK\r
-LISP tests\r
+Distributed Virtual Router\r
-    Basic LISP test\r
+    Distributed Virtual Router\r
-    Test case for basic encapsulation                                        OK\r
+    Distributed Virtual Router                                               OK\r
+    L2 Emulation                                                             OK\r
-NAT44 Test Cases\r
+DS-Lite Softwire\r
-    NAT44 Test Cases\r
+    DS-Lite Test Cases\r
-    NAT44 dynamic translation test                                           OK\r
-    NAT44 handling of client packets with TTL=1                              OK\r
-    NAT44 handling of error responses to client packets with TTL=2           OK\r
-    NAT44 handling of server packets with TTL=1                              OK\r
-    NAT44 handling of error responses to server packets with TTL=2           OK\r
-    NAT44 interfaces without configured IP address                           OK\r
-    NAT44 hairpinning - 1:1 NAPT                                             OK\r
-    NAT44 hairpinning - 1:1 NAT                                              OK\r
-    1:1 NAT translate packet with unknown protocol - hairpinning             OK\r
-    NAT44 translate packet with unknown protocol - hairpinning               OK\r
-    NAT44 multiple inside interfaces with overlapping address space          OK\r
-    Acquire NAT44 addresses from interface                                   OK\r
-    Static mapping with addresses from interface                             OK\r
-    IPFIX logging NAT addresses exhausted                                    OK\r
-    IPFIX logging NAT44 session created/delted                               OK\r
-    MAX translations per user - recycle the least recently used              OK\r
-    NAT44 multiple non-overlapping address space inside interfaces           OK\r
-    NAT44 interface output feature (in2out postrouting)                      OK\r
-    NAT44 interface output feature hairpinning (in2out postrouting)          OK\r
-    NAT44 interface output feature VRF aware (in2out postrouting)            OK\r
-    Ping internal host from outside network                                  OK\r
-    Ping NAT44 out interface from outside network                            OK\r
-    NAT44 add pool addresses to FIB                                          OK\r
-    1:1 NAT initialized from inside network                                  OK\r
-    NAT44 interfaces without configured IP address - 1:1 NAT                 OK\r
-    NAT44 local service load balancing                                       OK\r
-    1:1 NAT initialized from outside network                                 OK\r
-    1:1 NAT translate packet with unknown protocol                           OK\r
-    1:1 NAT VRF awareness                                                    OK\r
-    1:1 NAPT initialized from inside network                                 OK\r
-    NAT44 interfaces without configured IP address - 1:1 NAPT                OK\r
-    1:1 NAPT initialized from outside network                                OK\r
-    NAT44 translate packet with unknown protocol                             OK\r
-    NAT44 tenant VRF independent address pool mode                           OK\r
-    NAT44 tenant VRF aware address pool mode                                 OK\r
+    Test DS-Lite                                                             OK\r
-    Deterministic NAT Test Cases\r
+    FIB Test Case\r
-    Deterministic NAT translation test (TCP, UDP, ICMP)                      OK\r
-    NAT plugin run deterministic mode                                        OK\r
-    Deterministic NAT multiple users                                         OK\r
-    Deterministic NAT maximum sessions per user limit                        SKIP\r
-    Deterministic NAT session timeouts                                       SKIP\r
-    Set deterministic NAT timeouts                                           OK\r
-    Deterministic NAT TCP session close from inside network                  OK\r
-    Deterministic NAT TCP session close from outside network                 OK\r
+    FIB Unit Tests                                                           OK\r
-NAT64 Test Cases\r
-    NAT64 Test Cases\r
+    Re-enable Flowprobe feature\r
-    NAT64 dynamic translation test                                           OK\r
-    NAT64 hairpinning                                                        OK\r
-    NAT64 translate packet with unknown protocol - hairpinning               OK\r
-    NAT64 ICMP Error message translation                                     OK\r
-    Enable/disable NAT64 feature on the interface                            OK\r
-    Add/delete address to NAT64 pool                                         OK\r
-    NAT64 Network-Specific Prefix                                            OK\r
-    NAT64 session timeout                                                    SKIP\r
-    Set NAT64 timeouts                                                       OK\r
-    NAT64 static translation test                                            OK\r
-    Add/delete static BIB entry                                              OK\r
-    NAT64 translate packet with unknown protocol                             OK\r
+    disable flowprobe feature after first packets and re-enable              SKIP\r
-L2XC Multi-instance\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    collect information on Ethernet, IP4 and IP6 datapath (no timers)\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    no timers, one CFLOW packet, 9 Flows inside                              OK\r
+    no timers, two CFLOW packets (mtu=256), 3 Flows in each                  OK\r
+    L2 data on IP4 datapath                                                  OK\r
+    L2 data on IP6 datapath                                                  OK\r
+    L2 data on L2 datapath                                                   OK\r
+    L3 data on IP4 datapath                                                  OK\r
+    L3 data on IP6 datapath                                                  OK\r
+    L3 data on L2 datapath                                                   OK\r
+    L4 data on IP4 datapath                                                  OK\r
+    L4 data on IP6 datapath                                                  OK\r
+    L4 data on L2 datapath                                                   OK\r
+    verify templates on IP6 datapath                                         OK\r
+    verify templates on IP4 datapath                                         OK\r
+    verify template on L2 datapath                                           OK\r
-    L2XC Multi-instance Test Case\r
+    Disable Flowprobe feature\r
-    L2XC Multi-instance test 1 - create 10 cross-connects                    OK\r
-    L2XC Multi-instance test 2 - delete 4 cross-connects                     OK\r
-    L2BD Multi-instance 3 - add new 4 cross-connects                         OK\r
-    L2XC Multi-instance test 4 - delete 10 cross-connects                    OK\r
+    disable flowprobe feature after first packets                            SKIP\r
-IPv4 Tests\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    Re-enable IPFIX\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    disable IPFIX after first packets and re-enable after few packets        SKIP\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    Disable IPFIX\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    disable IPFIX after first packets                                        SKIP\r
+Geneve Tunnels\r
-    IPv4 Test Case\r
+    GENEVE Test Case\r
-    IPv4 FIB test                                                            OK\r
+    Decapsulation test                                                       OK\r
+    Encapsulation test                                                       OK\r
+    Multicast flood test                                                     OK\r
+    Multicast receive test                                                   OK\r
+    Unicast flood test                                                       OK\r
+GRE Tunnels\r
-    IPv4 routes via NULL\r
+    GRE Test Case\r
-    IP NULL route                                                            OK\r
+    GRE IPv4 tunnel Tests                                                    OK\r
+    GRE IPv6 tunnel Tests                                                    OK\r
+    GRE tunnel L2 Tests                                                      OK\r
+    GRE tunnel VRF Tests                                                     OK\r
+GTPU Tunnels\r
-    IPv4 disabled\r
+    GTPU Test Case\r
-    IP Disabled                                                              OK\r
+    Decapsulation test                                                       OK\r
+    Encapsulation test                                                       OK\r
+    Multicast flood test                                                     OK\r
+    Multicast receive test                                                   OK\r
+    Unicast flood test                                                       OK\r
+IP Multicast Routing\r
-    IPv4 Subnets\r
+    IP Multicast Test Case\r
-    IP Sub Nets                                                              OK\r
+    IP Multicast Bi-directional                                              OK\r
+    IPv6 Multicast Replication                                               OK\r
+    IPv6 Multicast Replication in non-default table                          OK\r
+    IP Multicast Replication                                                 OK\r
+    IP Multicast Connected Source check                                      OK\r
+    IP Multicast Signal                                                      OK\r
+    IP Multicast Replication in non-default table                            OK\r
-    IPv4 VLAN-0\r
+    Basic test for IPSEC using AH transport and Tunnel mode\r
-    IP VLAN-0                                                                OK\r
+    ipsec ah v4 transport basic test                                         OK\r
+    ipsec ah v4 transport burst test                                         OK\r
+    ipsec ah 4o4 tunnel basic test                                           OK\r
+    ipsec ah 4o4 tunnel burst test                                           OK\r
-    IPv4 Load-Balancing\r
+    Basic test for ipsec esp sanity - tunnel and transport modes.\r
-    IP Load-Balancing                                                        OK\r
+    ipsec esp v4 transport basic test                                        OK\r
+    ipsec esp v4 transport burst test                                        OK\r
+    ipsec esp 4o4 tunnel basic test                                          OK\r
+    ipsec esp 4o4 tunnel burst test                                          OK\r
@@ -424,148 +566,108 @@ IPv4 FIB CRUD
     Add 1k routes                                                            OK\r
     Delete 1.5k routes                                                       OK\r
-IRB Tests\r
+IPv4 Routing\r
-    IRB Test Case\r
+    IPv4 Test Case\r
-    ACL plugin prepare                                                       OK\r
-    ACL IPv6 routed -> bridged, L2 ACL deny                                  OK\r
-    ACL IPv6 routed -> bridged, L3 ACL deny                                  OK\r
-    ACL IPv4 routed -> bridged, L2 ACL deny                                  OK\r
-    ACL IPv4 routed -> bridged, L3 ACL deny                                  OK\r
-    ACL IPv6 bridged -> routed, L2 ACL deny                                  OK\r
-    ACL IPv6 bridged -> routed, L3 ACL deny                                  OK\r
-    ACL IPv4 bridged -> routed, L2 ACL deny                                  OK\r
-    ACL IPv4 bridged -> routed, L3 ACL deny                                  OK\r
-    ACL IPv6 routed -> bridged, L2 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
-    ACL IPv6 bridged -> routed, L2 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
-    ACL IPv4 routed -> bridged, L2 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
-    ACL IPv4 bridged -> routed, L2 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
-    ACL IPv6 routed -> bridged, L3 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
-    ACL IPv6 bridged -> routed, L3 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
-    ACL IPv4 routed -> bridged, L3 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
-    ACL IPv4 bridged -> routed, L3 ACL permit+reflect                        OK\r
-    ACL IPv6+EH routed -> bridged, L2 ACL deny                               OK\r
-    ACL IPv6+EH routed -> bridged, L3 ACL deny                               OK\r
-    ACL IPv6+EH bridged -> routed, L2 ACL deny                               OK\r
-    ACL IPv6+EH bridged -> routed, L3 ACL deny                               OK\r
-    ACL IPv6+EH routed -> bridged, L2 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
-    ACL IPv6+EH bridged -> routed, L2 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
-    ACL IPv6+EH routed -> bridged, L3 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
-    ACL IPv6+EH bridged -> routed, L3 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
-    ACL IPv4+MF routed -> bridged, L2 ACL deny                               OK\r
-    ACL IPv4+MF routed -> bridged, L3 ACL deny                               OK\r
-    ACL IPv4+MF bridged -> routed, L2 ACL deny                               OK\r
-    ACL IPv4+MF bridged -> routed, L3 ACL deny                               OK\r
-    ACL IPv4+MF routed -> bridged, L2 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
-    ACL IPv4+MF bridged -> routed, L2 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
-    ACL IPv4+MF routed -> bridged, L3 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
-    ACL IPv4+MF bridged -> routed, L3 ACL permit+reflect                     OK\r
+    IPv4 FIB test                                                            OK\r
-ACL Security Groups\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IPv4 routes via NULL\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IP NULL route                                                            OK\r
-    ACL plugin Test Case\r
+    IPv4 disabled\r
-    ACL plugin version check; learn MACs                                     OK\r
-    ACL create/delete test                                                   OK\r
-    permit ACL apply test                                                    OK\r
-    deny ACL apply test                                                      OK\r
-    VPP_624 permit ICMPv4                                                    OK\r
-    VPP_624 permit ICMPv6                                                    OK\r
-    VPP_624 deny ICMPv4                                                      OK\r
-    VPP_624 deny ICMPv6                                                      OK\r
-    permit TCPv4                                                             OK\r
-    permit TCPv6                                                             OK\r
-    permit UDPv4                                                             OK\r
-    permit UDPv6                                                             OK\r
-    deny TCPv4/v6                                                            OK\r
-    deny UDPv4/v6                                                            OK\r
-    verify add/dump acls                                                     OK\r
-    permit single TCPv4                                                      OK\r
-    permit single UDPv4                                                      OK\r
-    permit single TCPv6                                                      OK\r
-    permit single UPPv6                                                      OK\r
-    deny single TCPv4/v6                                                     OK\r
-    deny single UDPv4/v6                                                     OK\r
-    deny single UDPv4/v6, permit ip any, verify non-initial fragment blocked OK\r
-    VPP-687 zero length udp ipv4 packet                                      OK\r
-    VPP-687 zero length udp ipv6 packet                                      OK\r
-    permit TCPv4 + non-match range                                           OK\r
-    permit TCPv6 + non-match range                                           OK\r
-    permit UDPv4 + non-match range                                           OK\r
-    permit UDPv6 + non-match range                                           OK\r
-    deny TCPv4/v6 + non-match range                                          OK\r
-    deny UDPv4/v6 + non-match range                                          OK\r
+    IP Disabled                                                              OK\r
-    ACL plugin connection-oriented extended testcases\r
+    IPv4 Subnets\r
-    Prepare the settings                                                     SKIP\r
-    IPv4: Basic conn timeout test reflect on ingress                         SKIP\r
-    IPv4: Basic conn timeout test reflect on egress                          SKIP\r
-    IPv4: reflect egress, clear conn                                         SKIP\r
-    IPv4: reflect ingress, clear conn                                        SKIP\r
-    IPv4: Idle conn behind active conn, reflect on ingress                   SKIP\r
-    IPv4: Idle conn behind active conn, reflect on egress                    SKIP\r
-    IPv6: Basic conn timeout test reflect on ingress                         SKIP\r
-    IPv6: Basic conn timeout test reflect on egress                          SKIP\r
-    IPv6: reflect egress, clear conn                                         SKIP\r
-    IPv6: reflect ingress, clear conn                                        SKIP\r
-    IPv6: Idle conn behind active conn, reflect on ingress                   SKIP\r
-    IPv6: Idle conn behind active conn, reflect on egress                    SKIP\r
-    Prepare for TCP session tests                                            SKIP\r
-    IPv4: transient TCP session (incomplete 3WHS), ref. on ingress           SKIP\r
-    IPv4: transient TCP session (incomplete 3WHS), ref. on egress            SKIP\r
-    IPv4: established TCP session (complete 3WHS), ref. on ingress           SKIP\r
-    IPv4: established TCP session (complete 3WHS), ref. on egress            SKIP\r
-    IPv4: transient TCP session (3WHS,ACK,FINACK), ref. on ingress           SKIP\r
-    IPv4: transient TCP session (3WHS,ACK,FINACK), ref. on egress            SKIP\r
-    IPv6: transient TCP session (incomplete 3WHS), ref. on ingress           SKIP\r
-    IPv6: transient TCP session (incomplete 3WHS), ref. on egress            SKIP\r
-    IPv6: established TCP session (complete 3WHS), ref. on ingress           SKIP\r
-    IPv6: established TCP session (complete 3WHS), ref. on egress            SKIP\r
-    IPv6: transient TCP session (3WHS,ACK,FINACK), ref. on ingress           SKIP\r
-    IPv6: transient TCP session (3WHS,ACK,FINACK), ref. on egress            SKIP\r
+    IP Sub Nets                                                              OK\r
-MPLS Tests\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IPv4 VLAN-0\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IP VLAN-0                                                                OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IPv4 Load-Balancing\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IP Load-Balancing                                                        OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IPv4 Deaggregate Routes\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IP Deag Routes                                                           OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IPv4 Input Exceptions\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IP Input Exceptions                                                      OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IPv4 Punt Police/Redirect\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IP punt police and redirect                                              OK\r
+IPv4 VRF Multi-instance\r
-    MPLS-L2\r
+    IP4 VRF  Multi-instance Test Case\r
-    Virtual Private LAN Service                                              OK\r
-    Virtual Private Wire Service                                             OK\r
+    IP4 VRF  Multi-instance test 1 - create 5 BDs                            OK\r
+    IP4 VRF  Multi-instance test 2 - delete 2 VRFs                           OK\r
+    IP4 VRF  Multi-instance 3 - add 2 VRFs                                   OK\r
+    IP4 VRF  Multi-instance test 4 - delete 4 VRFs                           OK\r
+IPv6 Routing\r
-    MPLS Test Case\r
+    IPv6 Test Case\r
-    MPLS Local Label Binding test                                            OK\r
-    MPLS Deagg                                                               OK\r
-    MPLS label imposition test                                               OK\r
-    MPLS Interface Receive                                                   OK\r
-    MPLS Multicast Head-end                                                  OK\r
-    MPLS IPv4 Multicast Tail                                                 OK\r
-    MPLS IPv6 Multicast Tail                                                 OK\r
-    MPLS Multicast Mid Point                                                 OK\r
-    MPLS label swap tests                                                    OK\r
-    MPLS Tunnel Tests                                                        OK\r
-    MPLS V4 Explicit NULL test                                               OK\r
-    MPLS V6 Explicit NULL test                                               OK\r
+    IPv6 FIB test                                                            OK\r
+    IPv6 Neighbour Solicitation Exceptions                                   OK\r
+    ND Duplicates                                                            OK\r
+    IPv6 Router Solicitation Exceptions                                      OK\r
-    MPLS PIC edge convergence\r
+    IPv6 Punt Police/Redirect\r
-    MPLS eBGP PIC edge convergence                                           OK\r
-    MPLS iBGP PIC edge convergence                                           OK\r
-    MPLSv6 eBGP PIC edge convergence                                         OK\r
+    IP6 punt police and redirect                                             OK\r
-    MPLS disabled\r
+    IPv6 disabled\r
-    MPLS Disabled                                                            OK\r
+    IP Disabled                                                              OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IPv6 ND ProxyTest Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IPv6 Proxy ND                                                            OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IPv6 Load-Balancing\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IPv6 Load-Balancing                                                      OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IPv6 routes via NULL\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IP NULL route                                                            OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IPv6 Input Exceptions\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IP6 Input Exceptions                                                     OK\r
 IPv6 VRF Multi-instance\r
@@ -579,8 +681,82 @@ IPv6 VRF Multi-instance
     IP6 VRF  Multi-instance 3 - add 2 VRFs                                   OK\r
     IP6 VRF  Multi-instance test 4 - reset 4 VRFs                            OK\r
-L2XC Tests\r
+IRB Integrated Routing-Bridging\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IRB Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IPv4 IRB test 1                                                          OK\r
+    IPv4 IRB test 2                                                          OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    Kube-proxy Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    Kube-proxy NAT44                                                         OK\r
+    Kube-proxy NAT46                                                         SKIP\r
+    Kube-proxy NAT64                                                         SKIP\r
+    Kube-proxy NAT66                                                         SKIP\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    L2 FIB Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    L2 FIB - program 100 + 100 MACs                                          OK\r
+    L2 FIB - program 100 + delete 12 MACs                                    OK\r
+    L2 FIB - flush all                                                       OK\r
+    L2 FIB - flush BD                                                        OK\r
+    L2 FIB - flush interface                                                 OK\r
+    L2 FIB - mac learning events                                             OK\r
+    L2 FIB - mac learning max macs in event                                  OK\r
+    L2 FIB - program 100 MACs                                                OK\r
+    L2 FIB - Program 10 MACs, learn 10                                       OK\r
+L2BD Multi-instance\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    L2BD Multi-instance Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    L2BD Multi-instance test 1 - create 5 BDs                                OK\r
+    L2BD Multi-instance test 2 - update data of 5 BDs                        OK\r
+    L2BD Multi-instance test 3 - delete 2 BDs                                OK\r
+    L2BD Multi-instance test 4 - add 2 BDs                                   OK\r
+    L2BD Multi-instance test 5 - delete 5 BDs                                SKIP\r
+L2BD Switching\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    L2BD Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    L2BD MAC learning dual-loop test                                         OK\r
+    L2BD MAC learning single-loop test                                       OK\r
+L2XC Multi-instance\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    L2XC Multi-instance Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    L2XC Multi-instance test 1 - create 10 cross-connects                    OK\r
+    L2XC Multi-instance test 2 - delete 4 cross-connects                     OK\r
+    L2BD Multi-instance 3 - add new 4 cross-connects                         OK\r
+    L2XC Multi-instance test 4 - delete 10 cross-connects                    OK\r
+L2XC Switching\r
@@ -589,8 +765,104 @@ L2XC Tests
     L2XC dual-loop test                                                      OK\r
     L2XC single-loop test                                                    OK\r
-MFIB Tests\r
+LISP Tunnels\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    Basic LISP test\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    Test case for basic encapsulation                                        OK\r
+Load Balancer\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    Load Balancer Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    Load Balancer IP4 GRE4                                                   OK\r
+    Load Balancer IP4 GRE6                                                   OK\r
+    Load Balancer IP6 GRE4                                                   OK\r
+    Load Balancer IP6 GRE6                                                   OK\r
+MACIP Access Control\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    MACIP Tests\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    MACIP 10 ACLs each with 100+ entries                                     OK\r
+    MACIP 10 ACLs each with 100+ entries with IP4 traffic                    OK\r
+    MACIP 10 ACLs each with 100+ entries with IP6 traffic                    OK\r
+    MACIP ACL with 10 entries                                                OK\r
+    MACIP ACL with 100 entries                                               OK\r
+    MACIP ACL with 2 entries                                                 OK\r
+    MACIP ACL with 20 entries                                                OK\r
+    MACIP ACL with 5 entries                                                 OK\r
+    MACIP ACL with 50 entries                                                OK\r
+    MACIP 2 ACLs each with 100+ entries                                      OK\r
+    MACIP replace ACL                                                        OK\r
+    MACIP ACL delete intf with acl                                           OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    MACIP with IP6 traffic\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IP6 MACIP exactMAC|exactIP ACL bridged traffic                           OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP exactMAC|subnetIP ACL bridged traffic                          OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP exactMAC|wildIP ACL bridged traffic                            OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP oui_MAC|exactIP ACL bridged traffic                            OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP ouiMAC|subnetIP ACL bridged traffic                            OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP ouiMAC|wildIP ACL bridged traffic                              OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP wildcardMAC|exactIP ACL bridged traffic                        OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP wildcardMAC|subnetIP ACL bridged traffic                       OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP wildcardMAC|wildIP ACL bridged traffic                         OK\r
+    MACIP replace ACL with IP6 traffic                                       OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP exactMAC|exactIP ACL routed traffic                            OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP exactMAC|subnetIP ACL routed traffic                           OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP exactMAC|wildIP ACL routed traffic                             OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP ouiMAC|exactIP ACL routed traffic                              OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP ouiMAC|subnetIP ACL routed traffic                             OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP ouiMAC|wildIP ACL routed traffic                               OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP wildcardMAC|exactIP ACL routed traffic                         OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP wildcardMAC|subnetIP ACL routed traffic                        OK\r
+    IP6 MACIP wildcardMAC|wildIP ACL                                         OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    MACIP with IP4 traffic\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    IP4 MACIP wildcardMAC|exactIP ACL bridged traffic                        OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP exactMAC|exactIP ACL bridged traffic                           OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP exactMAC|subnetIP ACL bridged traffic                          OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP exactMAC|wildIP ACL bridged traffic                            OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP ouiMAC|exactIP ACL bridged traffic                             OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP ouiMAC|subnetIP ACL bridged traffic                            OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP ouiMAC|wildIP ACL bridged traffic                              OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP wildcardMAC|subnetIP ACL bridged traffic                       OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP wildcardMAC|wildIP ACL bridged traffic                         OK\r
+    MACIP replace ACL with IP4 traffic                                       OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP exactMAC|exactIP ACL routed traffic                            OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP exactMAC|subnetIP ACL routed traffic                           OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP exactMAC|wildIP ACL routed traffic                             OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP ouiMAC|exactIP ACL routed traffic                              OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP ouiMAC|subnetIP ACL routed traffic                             OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP ouiMAC|wildIP ACL routed traffic                               OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP wildcardMAC|exactIP ACL routed traffic                         OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP wildcardMAC|subnetIP ACL routed traffic                        OK\r
+    IP4 MACIP wildcardMAC|wildIP ACL                                         OK\r
+MAP Softwires\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    MAP Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    MAP-E                                                                    OK\r
+MFIB Multicast FIB\r
@@ -598,155 +870,198 @@ MFIB Tests
     MFIB Unit Tests                                                          OK\r
-IP Multicast Tests\r
+MPLS Switching\r
-    IP Multicast Test Case\r
+    MPLS-L2\r
-    IPv6 Multicast Replication                                               OK\r
-    IPv6 Multicast Replication in non-default table                          OK\r
-    IP Multicast Replication                                                 OK\r
-    IP Multicast Connected Source check                                      OK\r
-    IP Multicast Signal                                                      OK\r
-    IP Multicast Replication in non-default table                            OK\r
+    Virtual Private LAN Service                                              OK\r
+    Virtual Private Wire Service                                             OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    MPLS Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    MPLS Local Label Binding test                                            OK\r
+    MPLS Deagg                                                               OK\r
+    MPLS label imposition test                                               OK\r
+    MPLS Interface Receive                                                   OK\r
+    MPLS Multicast Head-end                                                  OK\r
+    MPLS IPv4 Multicast Tail                                                 OK\r
+    MPLS IPv6 Multicast Tail                                                 OK\r
+    MPLS Multicast Mid Point                                                 OK\r
+    MPLS label swap tests                                                    OK\r
+    MPLS Tunnel Tests                                                        OK\r
+    MPLS V4 Explicit NULL test                                               OK\r
+    MPLS V6 Explicit NULL test                                               OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    MPLS PIC edge convergence\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    MPLS eBGP PIC edge convergence                                           OK\r
+    MPLS iBGP PIC edge convergence                                           OK\r
+    MPLSv6 eBGP PIC edge convergence                                         OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    MPLS disabled\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    MPLS Disabled                                                            OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    NAT44 Test Cases\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    Delete NAT44 session                                                     OK\r
+    NAT44 dynamic translation test                                           OK\r
+    NAT44 handling of client packets with TTL=1                              OK\r
+    NAT44 handling of error responses to client packets with TTL=2           OK\r
+    NAT44 handling of server packets with TTL=1                              OK\r
+    NAT44 handling of error responses to server packets with TTL=2           OK\r
+    NAT44 interfaces without configured IP address                           OK\r
+    NAT44 forwarding test                                                    OK\r
+    NAT44 translate fragments arriving in order                              OK\r
+    NAT44 translate fragments arriving out of order                          OK\r
+    NAT44 hairpinning - 1:1 NAPT                                             OK\r
+    NAT44 hairpinning - 1:1 NAT                                              OK\r
+    1:1 NAT translate packet with unknown protocol - hairpinning             OK\r
+    NAT44 translate packet with unknown protocol - hairpinning               OK\r
+    Identity NAT                                                             OK\r
+    NAT44 multiple inside interfaces with overlapping address space          OK\r
+    Acquire NAT44 addresses from interface                                   OK\r
+    Identity NAT with addresses from interface                               OK\r
+    Static mapping with addresses from interface                             OK\r
+    IPFIX logging NAT addresses exhausted                                    OK\r
+    IPFIX logging NAT44 session created/delted                               OK\r
+    MAX translations per user - recycle the least recently used              OK\r
+    NAT44 multiple non-overlapping address space inside interfaces           OK\r
+    One armed NAT44                                                          OK\r
+    NAT44 interface output feature (in2out postrouting)                      OK\r
+    NAT44 interface output feature hairpinning (in2out postrouting)          OK\r
+    NAT44 interface output feature VRF aware (in2out postrouting)            OK\r
+    Ping internal host from outside network                                  OK\r
+    Ping NAT44 out interface from outside network                            OK\r
+    NAT44 add pool addresses to FIB                                          OK\r
+    Port restricted NAT44 (MAP-E CE)                                         OK\r
+    NAT44 fragments hairpinning                                              OK\r
+    NAT44 set/get virtual fragmentation reassembly                           OK\r
+    1:1 NAT initialized from inside network                                  OK\r
+    NAT44 interfaces without configured IP address - 1:1 NAT                 OK\r
+    NAT44 local service load balancing                                       OK\r
+    1:1 NAT initialized from outside network                                 OK\r
+    1:1 NAT translate packet with unknown protocol                           OK\r
+    1:1 NAT VRF awareness                                                    OK\r
+    1:1 NAPT initialized from inside network                                 OK\r
+    NAT44 interfaces without configured IP address - 1:1 NAPT                OK\r
+    1:1 NAPT initialized from outside network                                OK\r
+    Twice NAT44                                                              OK\r
+    Acquire twice NAT44 addresses from interface                             OK\r
+    Twice NAT44 local service load balancing                                 OK\r
+    NAT44 translate packet with unknown protocol                             OK\r
+    NAT44 tenant VRF independent address pool mode                           OK\r
+    NAT44 tenant VRF aware address pool mode                                 OK\r
-    Classifier Test Case\r
+    Deterministic NAT Test Cases\r
-    IP ACL test                                                              OK\r
-    MAC ACL test                                                             OK\r
-    IP PBR test                                                              OK\r
+    Deterministic NAT translation test (TCP, UDP, ICMP)                      OK\r
+    NAT plugin run deterministic mode                                        OK\r
+    Deterministic NAT multiple users                                         OK\r
+    Deterministic NAT maximum sessions per user limit                        SKIP\r
+    Deterministic NAT session timeouts                                       SKIP\r
+    Set deterministic NAT timeouts                                           OK\r
+    Deterministic NAT TCP session close from inside network                  OK\r
+    Deterministic NAT TCP session close from outside network                 OK\r
-VXLAN Tests\r
-    VXLAN Test Case\r
+    NAT64 Test Cases\r
-    Decapsulation test                                                       OK\r
-    Encapsulation test                                                       OK\r
-    Multicast flood test                                                     OK\r
-    Multicast receive test                                                   OK\r
-    Unicast flood test                                                       OK\r
+    NAT64 dynamic translation test                                           OK\r
+    NAT64 translate fragments arriving in order                              OK\r
+    NAT64 translate fragments arriving out of order                          OK\r
+    NAT64 hairpinning                                                        OK\r
+    NAT64 translate packet with unknown protocol - hairpinning               OK\r
+    NAT64 ICMP Error message translation                                     OK\r
+    Enable/disable NAT64 feature on the interface                            OK\r
+    Acquire NAT64 pool addresses from interface                              OK\r
+    One armed NAT64                                                          OK\r
+    Add/delete address to NAT64 pool                                         OK\r
+    NAT64 Network-Specific Prefix                                            OK\r
+    NAT64 fragments hairpinning                                              OK\r
+    NAT64 session timeout                                                    SKIP\r
+    Set NAT64 timeouts                                                       OK\r
+    NAT64 static translation test                                            OK\r
+    Add/delete static BIB entry                                              OK\r
+    NAT64 translate packet with unknown protocol                             OK\r
-VXLAN-GPE Tests\r
+P2P Ethernet Subinterface\r
-    VXLAN-GPE Test Case\r
+    P2P Ethernet tests\r
-    Decapsulation test                                                       SKIP\r
-    Encapsulation test                                                       SKIP\r
-    Multicast flood test                                                     SKIP\r
-    Multicast receive test                                                   SKIP\r
-    Unicast flood test                                                       SKIP\r
+    delete/create p2p subif                                                  OK\r
+    create 1k of p2p subifs                                                  OK\r
-    L2 FIB Test Case\r
+    P2P Ethernet IPv4 tests\r
-    L2 FIB test 1 - program 100 MAC addresses                                OK\r
-    L2 FIB test 2 - delete 12 MAC entries                                    OK\r
-    L2 FIB test 3 - program new 100 MAC addresses                            OK\r
-    L2 FIB test 4 - delete 160 MAC entries                                   OK\r
-    L2 FIB test 5 - Program 10 new MAC entries, learn 10                     OK\r
-    L2 FIB test 6 - flush first interface                                    OK\r
-    L2 FIB test 7 - flush bd_id                                              OK\r
-    L2 FIB test 8 - flush all                                                OK\r
-    L2 FIB test 9 - mac learning events                                      OK\r
-ARP Tests\r
+    receive ipv4 packet via p2p subinterface                                 OK\r
+    route rx packet not matching p2p subinterface                            OK\r
+    send ip4 packet via p2p subinterface                                     OK\r
+    drop tx ip4 packet not matching p2p subinterface                         OK\r
-    ARP Test Case\r
+    P2P Ethernet IPv6 tests\r
-    ARP                                                                      OK\r
-    MPLS                                                                     OK\r
-    Proxy ARP                                                                OK\r
+    receive ipv6 packet via p2p subinterface                                 OK\r
+    drop rx packet not matching p2p subinterface                             OK\r
+    route rx ip6 packet not matching p2p subinterface                        OK\r
+    send packet via p2p subinterface                                         OK\r
+    drop tx ip6 packet not matching p2p subinterface                         OK\r
+    standard routing without p2p subinterfaces                               OK\r
-L2BD Tests\r
+PPPoE Encapsulation\r
-    L2BD Test Case\r
+    PPPoE Test Case\r
-    L2BD MAC learning dual-loop test                                         OK\r
-    L2BD MAC learning single-loop test                                       OK\r
+    PPPoE Add Same Session Twice Test                                        OK\r
+    PPPoE Decap Test                                                         OK\r
+    PPPoE Decap Multiple Sessions Test                                       OK\r
+    PPPoE Delete Same Session Twice Test                                     OK\r
+    PPPoE Encap Test                                                         OK\r
+    PPPoE Encap Multiple Sessions Test                                       OK\r
-MACIP Access Control Tests\r
+SPAN Switch Port Analyzer\r
-    MACIP Test Case\r
+    SPAN Test Case\r
-    IP4 MACIP wildcardMAC|exactIP ACL bridged traffic                        OK\r
-    MACIP 10 ACLs each with 100+ entries                                     OK\r
-    MACIP 10 ACLs each with 100+ entries with IP4 traffic                    OK\r
-    MACIP 10 ACLs each with 100+ entries with IP6 traffic                    OK\r
-    MACIP ACL with 10 entries                                                OK\r
-    MACIP ACL with 100 entries                                               OK\r
-    MACIP ACL with 2 entries                                                 OK\r
-    MACIP ACL with 20 entries                                                OK\r
-    MACIP ACL with 5 entries                                                 OK\r
-    MACIP ACL with 50 entries                                                OK\r
-    MACIP 2 ACLs each with 100+ entries                                      OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP exactMAC|exactIP ACL bridged traffic                           OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP exactMAC|subnetIP ACL bridged traffic                          OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP exactMAC|wildIP ACL bridged traffic                            OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP ouiMAC|exactIP ACL bridged traffic                             OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP ouiMAC|subnetIP ACL bridged traffic                            OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP ouiMAC|wildIP ACL bridged traffic                              OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP wildcardMAC|subnetIP ACL bridged traffic                       OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP wildcardMAC|wildIP ACL bridged traffic                         OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP exactMAC|exactIP ACL bridged traffic                           OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP exactMAC|subnetIP ACL bridged traffic                          OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP exactMAC|wildIP ACL bridged traffic                            OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP oui_MAC|exactIP ACL bridged traffic                            OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP ouiMAC|subnetIP ACL bridged traffic                            OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP ouiMAC|wildIP ACL bridged traffic                              OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP wildcardMAC|exactIP ACL bridged traffic                        OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP wildcardMAC|subnetIP ACL bridged traffic                       OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP wildcardMAC|wildIP ACL bridged traffic                         OK\r
-    MACIP replace ACL                                                        OK\r
-    MACIP replace ACL with IP4 traffic                                       OK\r
-    MACIP replace ACL with IP6 traffic                                       OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP exactMAC|exactIP ACL routed traffic                            OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP exactMAC|subnetIP ACL routed traffic                           OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP exactMAC|wildIP ACL routed traffic                             OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP ouiMAC|exactIP ACL routed traffic                              OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP ouiMAC|subnetIP ACL routed traffic                             OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP ouiMAC|wildIP ACL routed traffic                               OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP wildcardMAC|exactIP ACL routed traffic                         OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP wildcardMAC|subnetIP ACL routed traffic                        OK\r
-    IP4 MACIP wildcardMAC|wildIP ACL                                         OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP exactMAC|exactIP ACL routed traffic                            OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP exactMAC|subnetIP ACL routed traffic                           OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP exactMAC|wildIP ACL routed traffic                             OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP ouiMAC|exactIP ACL routed traffic                              OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP ouiMAC|subnetIP ACL routed traffic                             OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP ouiMAC|wildIP ACL routed traffic                               OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP wildcardMAC|exactIP ACL routed traffic                         OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP wildcardMAC|subnetIP ACL routed traffic                        OK\r
-    IP6 MACIP wildcardMAC|wildIP ACL                                         OK\r
-    MACIP ACL delete intf with acl                                           OK\r
+    SPAN device rx mirror                                                    OK\r
+    SPAN l2 broadcast mirror                                                 OK\r
+    SPAN l2 rx tx mirror                                                     OK\r
+    SPAN l2 tx mirror                                                        OK\r
+    SPAN l2 rx mirror                                                        OK\r
+    SPAN l2 rx mirror into 1ad subif+vtr                                     OK\r
+    SPAN l2 rx mirror into 1q subif+vtr                                      OK\r
+    SPAN l2 rx mirror into gre-subif+vtr                                     OK\r
+    SPAN l2 rx mirror into vxlan                                             OK\r
-SRv6 Tests\r
+SRv6 Routing\r
@@ -765,23 +1080,29 @@ SRv6 Tests
     Test SRv6 Transit.Encaps behavior for IPv4.                              OK\r
     Test SRv6 Transit.Encaps behavior for L2.                                SKIP\r
     Test SRv6 Transit.Insert behavior (IPv6 only).                           OK\r
+    Test SRv6 Transit.Insert behavior (IPv6 only).                           OK\r
-PPPoE Tests\r
+TCP/IP Stack\r
-    PPPoE Test Case\r
+    TCP Test Case\r
-    PPPoE Add Same Session Twice Test                                        OK\r
-    PPPoE Decap Test                                                         OK\r
-    PPPoE Decap Multiple Sessions Test                                       OK\r
-    PPPoE Delete Same Session Twice Test                                     OK\r
-    PPPoE Encap Test                                                         OK\r
-    PPPoE Encap Multiple Sessions Test                                       OK\r
+    TCP builtin client/server transfer                                       OK\r
+    TCP Unit Tests                                                           OK\r
-VTR VLAN Tag Rewrite Tests\r
+UDP Stack\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    UDP Encap Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    UDP Encap test                                                           OK\r
+VTR VLAN Tag Rewrites\r
@@ -807,71 +1128,12 @@ VTR VLAN Tag Rewrite Tests
     1Q VTR translate 1 -> 1 test                                             OK\r
     1Q VTR translate 1 -> 2 test                                             OK\r
-ARP Tests\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    ARP Test Case\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    ARP                                                                      OK\r
-    ARP Duplicates                                                           OK\r
-    ARP Static                                                               OK\r
-    ARP reply with VRRP virtual src hw addr                                  OK\r
-    MPLS                                                                     OK\r
-    Proxy ARP                                                                OK\r
-    Interface Mirror Proxy ARP                                               OK\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    L2BD arp termination Test Case\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    L2BD arp term - add 5 hosts, verify arp responses                        OK\r
-    L2BD arp term - delete 3 hosts, verify arp responses                     OK\r
-    L2BD arp term - recreate BD1, readd 3 hosts, verify arp responses        OK\r
-    L2BD arp term - 2 IP4 addrs per host                                     OK\r
-    L2BD arp term - create and update 10 IP4-mac pairs                       OK\r
-    L2BD arp/ND term - hosts with both ip4/ip6                               OK\r
-    L2BD ND term - Add and Del hosts, verify ND replies                      OK\r
-    L2BD ND term - Add and update IP+mac, verify ND replies                  OK\r
-    L2BD arp term - send garps, verify arp event reports                     OK\r
-    L2BD arp term - send duplicate garps, verify suppression                 OK\r
-    L2BD arp term - disable ip4 arp events,send garps, verify no events      OK\r
-    L2BD ND term - send NS packets verify reports                            OK\r
-    L2BD ND term - send duplicate ns, verify suppression                     OK\r
-    L2BD ND term - disable ip4 arp events,send ns, verify no events          OK\r
-P2P Ethernet Subinterface ests\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    P2P Ethernet tests\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    delete/create p2p subif                                                  OK\r
-    create 100k of p2p subifs                                                SKIP\r
-    create 1k of p2p subifs                                                  OK\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    P2P Ethernet IPv4 tests\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    receive ipv4 packet via p2p subinterface                                 OK\r
-    route rx packet not matching p2p subinterface                            OK\r
-    send ip4 packet via p2p subinterface                                     OK\r
-    drop tx ip4 packet not matching p2p subinterface                         OK\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    P2P Ethernet IPv6 tests\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    receive ipv6 packet via p2p subinterface                                 OK\r
-    drop rx packet not matching p2p subinterface                             OK\r
-    route rx ip6 packet not matching p2p subinterface                        OK\r
-    send packet via p2p subinterface                                         OK\r
-    drop tx ip6 packet not matching p2p subinterface                         OK\r
-    standard routing without p2p subinterfaces                               OK\r
-GTPU Test Case\r
+VXLAN Tunnels\r
-    GTPU Test Case\r
+    VXLAN Test Case\r
     Decapsulation test                                                       OK\r
     Encapsulation test                                                       OK\r
@@ -879,38 +1141,38 @@ GTPU Test Case
     Multicast receive test                                                   OK\r
     Unicast flood test                                                       OK\r
-Other Tests\r
+VXLAN-GPE Tunnels\r
-    VAPI test\r
+    VXLAN-GPE Test Case\r
-    run C VAPI tests                                                         SKIP\r
-    run C++ VAPI tests                                                       SKIP\r
+    Decapsulation test                                                       SKIP\r
+    Encapsulation test                                                       SKIP\r
+    Multicast flood test                                                     SKIP\r
+    Multicast receive test                                                   SKIP\r
+    Unicast flood test                                                       SKIP\r
+Other Tests\r
     Ping Test Case\r
     basic ping test                                                          OK\r
     burst ping test                                                          OK\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    Session Test Case\r
+    ==============================================================================\r
+    Session Unit Tests                                                       OK\r
     Template verification, timer tests\r
     timer less than template timeout                                         OK\r
     timer greater than template timeout                                      OK\r
     verify cflow packet fields                                               OK\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    JVPP Core Test Case\r
-    ==============================================================================\r
-    JVPP Acl Callback Api Test Case                                          OK\r
-    JVPP Acl Future Api Test Case                                            OK\r
-    JVPP Core Callback Api Test Case                                         OK\r
-    JVPP Core Future Api Test Case                                           OK\r
-    JVPP Ioamexport Callback Api Test Case                                   OK\r
-    JVPP Ioamexport Future Api Test Case                                     OK\r
-    JVPP Ioampot Callback Api Test Case                                      OK\r
-    JVPP Ioampot Future Api Test Case                                        OK\r
-    JVPP Ioamtrace Callback Api Test Case                                    OK\r
-    JVPP Ioamtrace Future Api Test Case                                      OK\r
-    JVPP Snat Callback Api Test Case                                         OK\r
-    JVPP Snat Future Api Test Case                                           OK
\ No newline at end of file
index 90c582c..9472680 100644 (file)
@@ -35,40 +35,53 @@ Unit Tests Coverage
 Following VPP functional test areas are covered in VPP unit test code included\r
 in VPP rls1710 with results listed in this report:\r
-- ARP - ARP, Proxy ARP.\r
-- ACL plugin - stateful and stateless security-groups access-control-lists.\r
-- BFD IPv4 - Bidirectional Forwarding Detection - baseline, APIs, authorization, authentication.\r
-- BFD IPv6 - Bidirectional Forwarding Detection - baseline, APIs, authorization, authentication.\r
+- ACL Security - stateful and stateless security-groups access-control-lists.\r
+- ARP - ARP, proxy ARP, static arp.\r
+- BFD - API, Authentication, Authentication Change, CLI.\r
+- BFD IPv4 - sessions operation.\r
+- BFD IPv6 - sessions operation.\r
+- BIER - Bit Indexed Explicit Replication.\r
 - Classifier - classification with IP ACL, MAC ACL, IP PBR.\r
+- Container Integration - IPv4, IPv6 local-spoof connectivity tests.\r
 - CRUD Loopback - create, read, update, delete Loopback interfaces.\r
-- Deterministic NAT - Carrier Grade NAT tests.\r
-- DHCP - DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 Proxy.\r
+- DHCP - DHCPv4/v6 Client and Proxy.\r
+- Distributed Virtual Router.\r
+- DS-Lite Softwire - softwire termination.\r
 - FIB - baseline and scale tests.\r
-- Flow-per-packet plugin - collect and report L2 and IP4 flow statistics.\r
-- Flowprobe tests.\r
-- GRE - GRE IPv4/IPv6 tunnel, L2, VRF tests.\r
-- GTPU - baseline GTPU tests.\r
-- IP Multicast - IPv4/IPv6 multicast replication, connected source check.\r
+- Flowprobe.\r
+- Geneve Tunnels.\r
+- GRE Tunnels - GRE IPv4/IPv6 tunnel, L2, VRF tests.\r
+- GTPU Tunnels - baseline GTPU tests.\r
+- IP Multicast Routing - IPv4/IPv6 multicast replication, connected source check.\r
+- IPSec - baseline IPSec sanity tests.\r
+- IPv4 FIB CRUD - add/update/delete IPv4 routes.\r
+- IPv4 Routing.\r
 - IP4 VRF Multi-instance - create, read, update, delete and verify IPv4 VRFs.\r
+- IPv6 Routing - baseline FIB operations, NS/RS exception handling.\r
 - IP6 VRF Multi-instance - create, read, update, delete and verify IPv6 VRFs.\r
-- IPv4 - baseline FIB tests.\r
-- IPv4 FIB CRUD - add/update/delete IPv4 routes.\r
-- IPv6 - baseline FIB operations, NS/RS exception handling.\r
-- IRB - Integrated Routing and Bridging tests.\r
+- IRB Integrated Routing-Bridging.\r
+- Kube-proxy - data plane NAT tests.\r
 - L2 FIB CRUD - add/update/delete L2 MAC entries.\r
-- L2BD - L2 Bridge-Domain baseline tests incl. single- and dual-loop.\r
-- L2XC - L2 cross-connect baseline tests incl. single- and dual-loop.\r
+- L2BD Multi-instance.\r
+- L2BD Switching - L2 Bridge-Domain baseline tests incl. single- and dual-loop.\r
 - L2XC Multi-instance - L2 cross-connect multi-instance tests.\r
-- LISP - basic LISP tests.\r
+- L2XC Switching - L2 cross-connect baseline tests incl. single- and dual-loop.\r
+- LISP Tunnels - basic LISP tests.\r
 - Load Balancer - IP4 GRE4, IP4 GRE6, IP6 GRE4, IP6 GRE6.\r
-- MACIP - ingress access control for IPv4, IPv6 with L2BDP and IP routing.\r
-- MFIB Unit.\r
-- MPLS - MPLS baseline tests.\r
-- MPLS PIC edge convergence - prefix independent convergence tests for MPLS PE.\r
-- NAT44 - NAT44 tests, IPFIX logging, VRF awareness.\r
+- MACIP Access Control - ingress access control for IPv4, IPv6 with L2BDP and IP routing.\r
+- MAP Softwires - softwire termination.\r
+- MFIB Multicast FIB.\r
+- MPLS Switching - MPLS baseline, prefix independent convergence for MPLS PE.\r
+- NAT44 - NAT44 tests, IPFIX logging, VRF awareness, deterministic CGNAT.\r
 - NAT64 - NAT64 static and dynamic translation tests.\r
-- SPAN - Switched Port Analyzer packet mirroring.\r
-- SRv6 - Segment Routing IPv6 tests.\r
-- VTR Test Case - VLAN tag manipulation tests.\r
-- VXLAN - baseline VXLAN tunneling.\r
-- VXLAN-GPE - baseline VXLAN-GPE tunneling tests including multicast.\r
+- P2P Ethernet Subinterface.\r
+- PPPoE Encapsulation.\r
+- SPAN Switch Port Analyzer - packet mirroring.\r
+- SRv6 Routing - Segment Routing IPv6 tests.\r
+- TCP/IP Stack - unit tests, builtin client/server transfers.\r
+- UDP Stack - unit tests.\r
+- VTR VLAN Tag Rewrites - VLAN tag rewrite tests.\r
+- VXLAN Tunnels - baseline VXLAN tests including multicast.\r
+- VXLAN-GPE Tunnels - baseline VXLAN-GPE tunneling including multicast.\r
+- Other Tests - ping, session, template verification, timer tests.\r

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