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2019-12-02 Vratko PolakRefactor jumpavg to be more readable and usable 65/23465/8
2018-08-22 Vratko PolakCSIT-1222: Edit MLRsearch readme for 0.2.0 release 12/14412/2
2018-08-22 Vratko PolakCSIT-1222: Do two doublings in external MLRsearch 11/13811/8
2018-07-12 Vratko PolakCSIT-1186: Consume MLRsearch in agreed upon way 05/13405/4
2018-06-28 Vratko PolakJumpavg: Post 0.1.3 release edits 78/13278/1
2018-06-28 Vratko PolakFix jumpavg: No negative variance from rounding 76/13276/2
2018-06-20 Peter MikusRevert "CSIT-986: Use MLRsearch from pip" 36/13136/2
2018-06-18 Vratko PolakCSIT-986: Use MLRsearch from pip 97/13097/2
2018-06-18 Vratko PolakCSIT-986: Implement proposed MDR improvements 61/12761/10
2018-06-18 Tibor FrankCSIT-1110: Update code after jumpavg 0.1.2 release 91/13091/1
2018-06-15 Tibor FrankRevert "CSIT-1110: Update code after jumpavg 0.1.2... 84/13084/1
2018-06-15 Vratko PolakCSIT-1110: Update code after jumpavg 0.1.2 release 76/13076/1
2018-06-15 Vratko PolakCSIT-1110: Use jumpavg library from pip 38/13038/5

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