docs: report updates in physical_testbeds section.
2019-03-26 Jan GeletyFix virl ubuntu image + update ubuntu vpp builds 46/18546/3
2019-03-14 Jan GeletyAdding pip and apt packages - ubuntu16.04 98/18298/1
2019-01-07 Jan GeletyAdding pip requirements 90/16690/3
2018-11-23 Peter MikusAdding python-cffi requirements 25/15925/9
2018-03-07 Peter MikusCSIT-988: Fix functional bootstrap 81/10981/11
2017-10-23 seliasUpdate disk-image-builder scripts to allow IPv6 99/8499/12
2017-03-01 Jan GeletyUse common files to store distro related data for VIRL 37/5537/4

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