HC tests: reenable NSH plugin (CSIT-994)
[csit.git] / bootstrap-hc2vpp-verify.sh
2018-04-27 Marek GradzkiHC tests: reenable NSH plugin (CSIT-994) 09/12209/2
2018-03-20 Marek GradzkiHC Tests: move honeycomb tests out of vpp directory 29/11229/5
2018-03-13 Marek GradzkiHC Tests: disable NSH plugin 88/11088/2
2017-10-23 seliasUpdate disk-image-builder scripts to allow IPv6 99/8499/12
2017-07-18 seliasHC Test: Update archive items path in csit-hc2vpp jobs 60/7560/4
2017-06-29 Tibor FrankCSIT-687: Directory structure reorganization 21/7221/12
2017-05-17 seliasCSIT-562 HC Test: Persistence suite rework, part1 22/6622/4
2017-03-24 seliasHC Test: Update VIRL image version used 51/5851/1
2017-02-20 seliasHC Test: hc2vpp bootstrap script fix 26/5426/2
2017-02-14 seliasHC Test: Add branch and os parameters to honeycomb... 37/5037/5
2016-12-15 seliasHC Test: fix archiving artifacts in csit-hc2vpp jobs 35/4335/2
2016-12-13 seliasHC Test: fix artifact archiving in csit-hc2vpp jobs 63/4263/6
2016-12-12 seliasCSIT-484: HC Test: Add scripts for new hc2vpp jobs 70/4170/7

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