CSIT-128: Remove EXPECTED_FAILING tag from VXLAN over IPv6 test cases
[csit.git] / bootstrap-verify-perf.sh
2016-06-02 Carsten KoesterCSIT-114: Eliminate repeated download of PIP packages 68/1268/2
2016-05-31 Peter MikusPATCH: Return pybot exit code in bootstrap-verify-perf 03/1303/2
2016-05-26 Peter MikusFind PDR using binary search 92/1092/21
2016-05-26 Miroslav MiklusRename topology files with correct NIC names 58/1258/3
2016-05-23 pmikusPerformance l2-vlan-dot1q library and short/long test... 73/973/17
2016-05-22 Miroslav MiklusTB3 topology file with X520-DA2 NICs 02/1202/3
2016-05-19 Miroslav MiklusTB1 topology file with X520-DA2 NICs only 42/1042/7
2016-05-19 pmikusParse robot output.xml for performance reporting 68/968/9
2016-05-18 Miroslav MiklusPERF bootstrap, apply global PYBOT args to all test... 98/998/5
2016-05-18 Miroslav MiklusExplicitly list the NIC type for perf tests 99/999/9
2016-05-12 Miroslav MiklusUpdate of vpp build for perf tests 31/931/6
2016-05-11 pmikusPerformance IPv6 library and short/long test cases 24/824/17
2016-05-06 Miroslav MiklusExtend testbed reservation wait time 90/990/2
2016-05-02 Miroslav MiklusTopo installation script fix 01/901/10
2016-04-27 Miroslav MiklusInstallation of stable vpp version for csit-vpp-perf... 32/832/8
2016-04-12 pmikusBoostrap verify installation directory removal 50/750/1
2016-04-12 pmikusBootstrap verify performance fix 48/748/1
2016-04-12 pmikusBootstrap verify perfomance fix 45/745/2
2016-04-05 pmikusAdd tag support to boostrap-verify-perf 76/676/5
2016-04-01 pmikusBootstrap to test perf of proposed patch vpp-csit-hw... 31/631/4

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