Remove intrusive useless logging
[csit.git] / resources / libraries / bash / function /
2019-06-05 Peter MikusRemove intrusive useless logging 65/19965/1
2019-06-04 Jan GeletyAdd possibility to use other then default NIC per VPP... 00/19900/2
2019-05-22 Vratko PolakExclude IPSECHW tests on NICs other than xl710 32/19732/2
2019-05-16 Peter MikusMake topology files read dynamically from directory 94/19594/6
2019-05-15 Vratko PolakAvoid double link tests for nic_intel-xxv710 17/19617/1
2019-04-15 Peter MikusAdd output.xml with only INFO logging leve 08/18808/5
2019-04-08 Vratko PolakUpgrade autogen to NICs and search types 11/17811/84
2019-04-05 juraj.linkesFixes for Taishan testbed 15/18115/9
2019-03-07 Vratko PolakFix PYTHONPATH in activate_environment 05/18105/1
2019-03-01 Stanislav ChlebecAdd ARM Taishan testbed33 perftest 50/16850/39
2019-02-27 Vratko PolakAdd tox.ini and few checker scripts 50/13450/42
2019-02-19 Vratko PolakAllow more perftest strings in get_test_tag_string 55/17655/2
2019-02-04 Tibor FrankTrending: Remove NF_DENSITY tests from trending 98/17198/6
2019-01-31 Peter MikusAdd TB23 back into production pool 96/17196/2
2018-11-08 Tibor FrankAdd trigger fro DPDK tests 03/15803/2
2018-10-24 Peter MikusCSIT-1260 Create initial version of bootstrap including... 35/14435/60
2018-10-22 Vratko PolakPer patch: multiple BMRR calls 66/15266/18
2018-10-10 Tibor FrankCSIT-1297: Modify the to run only selected... 15/15215/4
2018-10-03 Tibor FrankCSIT-1297: Modify the to run only selected... 34/15034/3
2018-10-03 Peter MikusCSIT-1294 FIX: ValueError: CTR mode needs counter param... 99/15099/6
2018-09-27 Vratko PolakExclude dot1q in the default tag array 18/15018/2
2018-09-27 Peter MikusFIX: testcode detection in perf jobs 05/15005/2
2018-09-26 Peter MikusCSIT-1317 ADD: Ability to blacklist tags per topology 70/14970/5
2018-09-20 Peter MikusFIX: Do not run double link tests on 3n-hsw 04/14904/2
2018-09-12 Vratko PolakFix: L2 scale tests are not baseline 84/14784/1
2018-09-12 Vratko PolakFix: trap for unreserve before cleanup 72/14772/2
2018-09-07 Tibor FrankCSIT-1271: Add VTS tests to MRR jobs 95/14695/3
2018-08-30 Vratko PolakCSIT-1135: Scripts for VPP per-patch testing 81/13981/99

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