Update vpp-agent version
[csit.git] / resources / libraries / python / KubernetesUtils.py
2018-01-06 Peter MikusUpdate vpp-agent version 80/9980/2
2018-01-02 Peter MikusCSIT-870 Kubernetes/Ligato integration 29/9729/16
2017-10-18 Peter MikusCSIT-748 Add K8S 2memif-2vnf topologies 55/8855/4
2017-10-17 Peter MikusCSIT-841 Optimize cheking k8s POD state 49/8849/2
2017-10-16 Peter MikusCSIT-841 Optimize creating of vnf-agent docker image... 78/8778/16
2017-10-12 Peter MikusCSIT-748 vnf-agent integration 04/8504/38

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