Allow 9000b tests for AVF
[csit.git] / resources / libraries / python / autogen /
2019-06-21 Vratko PolakAllow 9000b tests for AVF 59/20259/2
2019-05-27 Jan GeletyFIX: do not generate 9000B perf test in case of vic1385 nic 34/19834/2
2019-05-09 Peter MikusAdd new higher density NF tests 36/19436/2
2019-04-26 Peter MikusNF density tests with dtc=0.5 and dtcr=2 62/19062/14
2019-04-08 Vratko PolakUpgrade autogen to NICs and search types 11/17811/84
2019-02-27 Vratko PolakAdd tox.ini and few checker scripts 50/13450/42
2019-02-19 Vratko PolakAdapt autogen for SFd tests 46/17646/3
2019-01-29 Vratko PolakPLRsearch: Initial implementation and suites 50/14650/111
2018-09-21 Vratko PolakFix autogen regenerator and few suites 31/14931/1
2018-09-20 Peter MikusCSIT-1205 Create AVF driver test - Add Tests L2BD L2XC 88/14688/9
2018-09-04 Peter MikusFix pylint part 1 10/14610/3
2018-07-24 Vratko PolakCSIT-1097: Migrate L2 to NDRPDR and edit MRR 90/13590/13
2018-07-24 Vratko PolakCSIT-1097: Migrate Vts suite to NDRPDR 31/13531/12
2018-07-18 Vratko PolakCSIT-1097: Ip6 NDRPDR and edited MRR suites 13/13513/7
2018-07-17 Vratko PolakCSIT-1186: Add srv6 NDRPDR suites 11/13411/35

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