Implement support of Centos7 for semiweekly job
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2017-02-20 Jan GeletyImplement support of Centos7 for semiweekly job 41/5141/3
2016-11-04 pmikusCSIT-461 Fix VPP version variable in perf bootstrap 61/3661/9
2016-08-25 Jan GeletyCSIT-359: adapt vpp download script for usage with... 00/2400/4
2016-08-22 Jan GeletyCSIT-378: Use package classifier to download deb packag... 51/2451/3
2016-08-15 Matej KlottonCSIT-226: Install vpp-plugins deb package on DUT 74/1974/4
2016-06-21 Jan GeletyUpdate2 of GROUP for ubuntu.trusty.main REPO 83/1683/3
2016-06-20 Jan GeletyUpdate of GROUP for master.ubuntu.trusty.main REPO 63/1663/1
2016-05-31 Jan GeletyCIMANAGE-7: Bootstrap for csit-vpp-master-verify-semiwe... 48/1248/11
2016-03-29 Jan GeletyBootstrap to test csit-master against VPP release. 38/538/9
2016-03-14 Miroslav Miklustools: vpp download and installation script 33/533/1

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