Install screen on Phy DUTs
[csit.git] / resources / tools / testbed-setup / playbooks / 01-host-setup.yaml
2017-04-03 pmikusInstall screen on Phy DUTs 93/5993/2
2017-02-27 pmikusAdd libpcap-dev package as dependency on physical TB 07/5507/2
2017-02-23 Matej KlottonQemuUtil lib change to work with ubuntu and centos 11/5411/12
2016-11-16 pmikusAdd IRQ pinning to ansible host-setup 58/3858/2
2016-10-20 Dave WallaceCSIT-351 Revert "VPP base package fails to load on... 94/3494/1
2016-10-18 Dave WallaceCSIT-351: VPP base package fails to load on VIRL 16... 60/3460/1
2016-10-09 pmikusUpdate ansible playbooks with documentation 89/3289/6
2016-10-05 pmikusCSIT-429: Add hugepages configuration to ansible-host 45/3245/2
2016-10-05 pmikusCSIT-428: Add kernel parameters to ansible-host 44/3244/2
2016-10-04 Carsten KoesterCSIT-157: HW testbed installation scripts to include... 10/1510/2
2016-08-19 pmikusCSIT-367 Add QEMU package dependencies 33/2433/3
2016-07-08 Carsten KoesterCSIT-174: Include cgroup support packages on hardware... 52/1752/2
2016-06-02 Carsten KoesterAdd documentation and files related to initial host... 28/1028/4

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