CSIT-755: Presentation and analytics layer
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2017-07-03 Peter MikusFIX: TLDK bootstrap to reflect latest changes on VIRL 98/7398/2
2017-06-05 Peter MikusCSIT-607 Optimize VIRL job scheduling algorithm 79/6779/19
2017-05-17 Peter MikusFix start-testcase script on VIRL 56/6656/10
2017-04-13 Matej KlottonFix slow ssh login to Centos VIRL hosts. 80/6080/2
2017-02-27 Matej KlottonAdd symlink to nodes on Virl 47/5147/5
2017-02-21 Jan GeletyFix of centos bootstrap and dut_setup.sh 92/5092/18
2017-02-15 Matej KlottonFix Centos Virl deployment and image build want list 19/5119/3
2017-01-27 Thomas F HerbertAdd Centos specific bootstrap files. 74/4874/7
2016-12-15 Fangyin Hu check the return value 59/3959/4
2016-12-14 Jan Geletyfix of stop-testcase script 73/4273/2
2016-11-11 seliasCSIT-454: HC Test: add Honeycomb section to topology... 79/3779/1
2016-11-10 seliasCSIT-454: HC Test: fix package installation in csit... 60/3760/2
2016-10-20 Tibor FrankTopology schema: Part "Honeycomb" 85/3485/8
2016-10-20 Dave WallaceCSIT-351 Revert "VPP base package fails to load on... 94/3494/1
2016-10-20 Miroslav MiklusCSIT-351 Force vpp packages to install 81/3481/2
2016-10-18 Dave WallaceCSIT-351: VPP base package fails to load on VIRL 16... 60/3460/1
2016-10-13 pmikusUpdate VIRL images to 16.04.1 10/3310/9
2016-10-04 seliasUpdate HC netconf and restconf ports in virl topology... 31/2331/5
2016-10-04 Carsten KoesterAdd JAVA_HOME and include Java in PATH environment... 47/2247/3
2016-09-28 Tibor FrankAdd automated deployment of Honeycomb on DUTs 10/1810/37
2016-06-02 Carsten KoesterCSIT-111: Add Packer based framework to auto-generate... 53/1253/7
2016-04-11 Carsten KoesterFix cosmetic issues in VIRL topologies 23/723/3
2016-04-11 Carsten KoesterAdd VIRL double-ring (load-balancing) topology with... 24/724/2
2016-04-05 Carsten KoesterAdd VIRL topology files and template for nested virtual... 65/665/2
2016-03-08 Carsten KoesterAdd VIRL server-side framework and topology templates. 01/401/3

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