FIX: Exclude softwire func tests from execution
[csit.git] / tests / honeycomb /
2018-08-21 Marek GradzkiHC Tests: reenable VxLaN GPE ipv6 tests 76/14376/3
2018-08-20 Marek GradzkiHC Tests: mark BGP v6 tests as critical 67/14367/1
2018-08-15 Marek GradzkiHC Tests: remove EXPECTED_FAILING tag from policer... 12/14212/2
2018-08-13 Marek GradzkiHC Tests: mark policer tests as EXPECTED_FAILING (HC2VP... 55/14155/1
2018-08-07 Marek GradzkiHC Tests: 18.07 report update 94/13994/2
2018-06-29 Peter MikusSetupFramework to detect failures, part II 66/13266/3
2018-06-21 Michal CmaradaFix TC02 test case in mgmt-cfg-int-subint-apihc-apivat... 72/13172/2
2018-06-21 Michal CmaradaHC2VPP-331: Fix Honeycomb fails to assign VRF to interface 20/13120/4
2018-06-01 Marek GradzkiHC Tests: disable failing ACL ODL tests (HC2VPP-337) 23/12823/2
2018-05-25 Marek GradzkiHC Tests: mark VRF assignment tests as failing (HC2VPP... 19/12719/2
2018-05-25 Marek GradzkiHC Tests: mark unnumbered interface tests as failing... 17/12717/2
2018-05-17 Marek GradzkiHC tests: fix log archive 12/12612/1
2018-05-17 Marek GradzkiHC Tests: fix CPU layout retrieval in the HC perf job 10/12610/2
2018-05-16 Marek GradzkiHC tests: archive ODL logs (CSIT-1031) 78/12578/4
2018-05-10 Michal CmaradaHC2VPP-253 - Update routing csit jobs 75/12075/14
2018-03-20 Marek GradzkiHC Tests: move honeycomb tests out of vpp directory 29/11229/5

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