docs: updated testbed specification with clx build
[csit.git] / tox.ini
2019-07-19 Peter MikusTOX: Naming conventions 30/20630/13
2019-07-02 Vratko PolakReplace license checker with global notices 54/20454/1
2019-06-28 Vratko PolakAdd copyright checker to tox 18/20318/3
2019-04-08 Vratko PolakUpgrade autogen to NICs and search types 11/17811/84
2019-03-21 Vratko PolakUpdate and reorder tox.ini TODOs 27/18427/3
2019-03-20 Vratko PolakAdd tox checker for lengths of new lines only 20/18420/1
2019-02-27 Vratko PolakAdd tox.ini and few checker scripts 50/13450/42

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