SKIP_PATCH for all PDR tests instead of NDR
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2016-08-15 Matej KlottonCSIT-226: Install vpp-plugins deb package on DUT 74/1974/4
2016-07-27 Matej KlottonMark test cases with EXPECTED_FAILING tag as non critic... 03/2103/1
2016-07-25 Jan GeletyCSIT-225: use all needed ssh options in bootstrap-vpp... 66/2066/2
2016-07-22 Matej KlottonCSIT-220: Rename directories in tests directory 55/2055/4
2016-06-17 Jan GeletyUse common file names to store VPP stable build data... 06/1506/3
2016-06-10 Jan GeletyUse files to store VPP stable build data 32/1432/6
2016-06-02 Jan GeletyCSIT-128: Remove EXPECTED_FAILING tag from VXLAN over... 67/1367/1
2016-06-02 Jan GeletyFinal result must be combination of all test runs in... 63/1363/2
2016-06-02 Carsten KoesterCSIT-114: Eliminate repeated download of PIP packages 68/1268/2
2016-06-02 Jan GeletyUpdate of vpp build in 57/1357/1
2016-06-02 Jan GeletyUpdate of vpp build in 53/1353/2
2016-05-16 Jan GeletyUpdate vpp stable build used in csit-vpp-verify-weekly... 44/1144/1
2016-05-16 Jan GeletyCIMANAGE-5: update bootstrap for csit-vpp-verify-weekly job 58/1058/2