add new topology parameter: arch
[csit.git] / topologies / available / lf_testbed1.yaml
2018-01-10 Gabriel Ganneadd new topology parameter: arch 74/9474/15
2018-01-04 Peter MikusTRex ASTF onboarding Part I 25/9925/8
2017-06-30 seliasCSIT-619 HC Test: Honeycomb performance testing - initi... 85/6885/65
2017-05-19 Peter MikusUpdate: Topology file for TB1 82/6782/1
2017-04-06 pmikusUpdate topology files after HW changes 66/6066/2
2016-10-28 Miroslav MiklusTB1 Cisco-VIC-1227 topology file 94/3594/3
2016-10-25 Miroslav MiklusTB1 Cisco-VIC-1385 topology file 69/3569/3
2016-10-25 Miroslav MiklusTB1 X710 topology file, X710 BD Long tests 50/3550/6
2016-10-14 pmikusCSIT-351: Testing Ubuntu 16.04.1 changes 90/3290/17
2016-07-19 Miroslav MiklusCSIT-106 TB1 XL710 topology file 19/1919/5

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